• Tamara Morgan

Question of the Day

We all enjoy something, learn what are sweet tooth enjoys the most!

Mary's Favorite:

A good old Chocolate Hershey's bar is my go to.

Kris' Favorite:

Peanut M&M's is my favorite candy.

Lauren's Favorite:

My favorite candy can only be found in the U.K., Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate bars.

Candice's Favorite:

Riesens are my favorite candy of all time. So crunchy!

Brian's Favorite:

Sweetart Jelly Beans are my favorite candy. However, they no longer make them any more and when they did it was only during Easter.

Art's Favorite:

Palmers hollow milk chocolate easter bunnies, they have been my favorite since my childhood.

Alyce's Favorite:

Goobers are my favorite. They are like peanut M&M's, but better.

Joe's Favorite:

My favorite candy is Sour Skittles. I can go for those any day of the week!

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