• Joe Percacciolo

How to Create Your Own Fantasy Football Draft

Learn how to create your very own amazing fantasy football draft by using these simple steps!

What to create your own fantasy football draft? Well here are a few step on how to make your party the big hit!


1. Decide on an online drafting template. You can create you own through Yahoo.com, or ESPN.com.

2. Choose how you would like to format your draft by PPR (Point Per Reception), or use the Standard format. To give you a little more information as to what the entails, go to the Fantrax HQ website.

3. Send invites to your friends and family.

4. Find a venue where you would like to host you amazing fantasy football draft. You can host the party at your place, or go to the local bar, or restaurant of your choosing.

5. Order you draft kits! They have draft kits for everyone on Amazom.com.

6. Start drafting!

Woohoo, you have successfully completed your very own fantasy football draft!

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