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DIY Projects for Thanksgiving

Here are some cute and fun ideas for the whole family!

Chalkboard Pumpkins

Give your Halloween pumpkins new life by coating them with chalkboard paint and using them to highlight your Thanksgiving menu.

What you will need:

Chalkboard Paint



DIY By: Better House

Baskit Thanksgiving Wreath

Why should Easter get all the woven fun? This rustic wreath will have guests singing, "A-tisket, a-tasket, a Thanksgiving basket."

What you will need:

Round shallow basket (you can purchase at a local thrift store) 

Faux fall flowers Hot glue gun

Black craft paint

Tiny Paint brush


Ribbon, or burlap


  1. Start by doing a light, rough sketch with the sharpie.  The sharpie won't get into the cracks, so use the tiny paint brush and paint. Made sure to get into the cracks!

  2. Take some dollar store fall flowers and take the flowers off the bouquets (if you got the bunches of flowers). Start gluing them to the bottom part of the basket. Since they don’t have a solid place to glue them, just hold them down a bit.

  3. Glue two burlap strips to the back of the basket so it can hang it with ease, and they are a cute addition!

DIY By: Twelfth on Main

Box Grater Luminaries

Create moody ambience on a sideboard with this flickering display. Arrange multiple vintage box graters on a tray. Illuminate with flameless flickering LED votives to prevent the metal graters from becoming too hot to handle. Fill in gaps on tray with acorns and extra candles.

DIY By: Country Living

Mason Jar Fall Luminary

We love a fall Mason jar! These cute versions would look right at home on your Thanksgiving table.

What you will need:

Cricut Maker or Explore Adhesive vinyl Mason jar Acrylic craft paint Foam brush Twine Votive candles and filler


  1. Begin by cutting out a maple leaf of adhesive vinyl with the Cricut Explore.  If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can trace and cut out a leaf design on adhesive vinyl.

  2. Pick an acrylic paint color that you want to use. (Pro tip: Use a foil cupcake liner for the paint! It makes clean up a breeze!)

  3. Begin painting a thin coat of paint on the mason jar. Be sure you allow the paint to dry completely between each coat. Otherwise, it will clump and pull away from the glass.  It may take about 3 coats for it to be completely covered.

  4. Once the mason jar is dry, gently peel away the vinyl leaf decal.  Touch up any rough edges with a small paintbrush.

  5. Add some corn kernels to the bottom and placed the votive candle inside.

  6. Add some twine or ribbon around the top of the jar to finish it off!

DIY By: Create Craft Love

Pumpkin Bucket Centerpiece

Save money and time with this crafty idea for dollar store plastic pumpkins—a touch of gold spray paint can make anything elegant!

What you will need:

Any Dollar Store, thrift store, and/or things you already own to update and re-purpose Spray paint


  1. Protect a well-ventilated area with paper or some type of cover.

  2. Spray pumpkins and garland with desired spray paint color. (The biggest tip with spray paint is to make sure you’re not spraying too close to the object, and take your time to do a few thinner coats of paint letting each dry in between. This will avoid runny paint.)

  3. After the paint is dry, have fun arranging and stacking pumpkins on your table.

  4. Fill the larger candy pails will plants or flowers if desired.

DIY By: Hip 2 Save

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