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Camping Tips and Tricks!

Planning on going camping? Here are a few hacks that might help!

Hey campers! We know that you have been planning this trip for weeks so, we thought you might like some help with last minute packing! Taking inspiration from the General RV Blog, here are a few tips and tricks on how to make your camping trip a breeze and become the Marie Kondo of the outdoor world!

Camping Tips and Tricks

Tip # 1

Re-use Tic Tac Containers - Use Tic Tac containers to store spices and herbs without taking too much space!

Tip # 2

Keep Creamer Containers - Use old Coffee Mate containers to keep snacks fresh and organized!

Tip # 3

Egg Cartons and Coals - Any egg carton and some coals are a great way to make fires as easy as 1-2-3!

Tip # 4

Use your Juice Bottles - Use juice bottles for storing plastic bags!

Tip # 5

Anti-Ants - To make your camping site ant free, spread some baby powder!

Tip # 6

Easy Peasy Pancake Squeezy! - Pre-make your breakfasts and ready in minutes by using a ketchup bottle to store pre-made pancake batter!

Tip # 7

Cupcake Pans are the Best - Turn your cupcake pan into a BBQ Bento Box!

Tip # 8

Onions and Grills - Make the grill non-stick by rubbing an onion before you cook!

Tip # 9

Anti-Flies - Use lemons and cloves to make your picnic fly free!

Tip # 10

Anti-Bees - Put dryer sheets under your picnic table to prevent bees from ruining you BBQ!

For even more top tips visit the General RV Blog

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