• Tamara Morgan

2nd Annual 20 Days of Giving

The Wynn Group Presents...

20 Days of Giving 

December 1st - 20th

Help us celebrate the act of giving! The Wynn Group is going to be donating food, new clothing, and toiletries that every person needs for the Holidays.

Last year, in total, we collected 575 items which is incredible! Those donations contributed to the ongoing help and support that the food bank provides to local families. In December alone, 481 families were helped with food and 207 received special 'Christmas Baskets'. These generous donations touched the lives of 1,268 people in December alone.

Join our cause!

Donations are accepted at our office or on the Second Floor Lobby:

11505 Burnham Dr NW, Suite 201

Gig Harbor, WA 98332

All donations will be delivered to the local food bank on December 21st.

Donate Today on Venmo!

Donate to The Wynn Group,

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