Music for the Masses


Gig Harbor, WA


Business Description


It started one sunny afternoon in the harbor as one guy who loved to jam and play his guitar was teaching another how to play when a parent walked by and said “Hey, you teach lessons?” 


At that moment, not really but the answer became yes in seconds. Little did he know the journey that was about to take place, but when you have a passion for something it only seems natural to want to share the beauty with the world.


The seller started out with lessons, then a little repair work, more lessons, then retail, more instruments, more lessons and an academy was formed. The need for a bigger space was inevitable and the timing was

impeccable. A space with multiple teaching rooms and a jaw dropping entry lobby popped open in the Harbor and it was a natural fit. 


Fast forward from 2003 to 2020 and we have a full-fledged thriving business that has continued to evolve, even during COVID and make a generous profit.

The location alone and the rent are phenomenal, you can watch the boats in the harbor and the main street parades from your office. It is a location that still attracts pedestrians and foot traffic making this feel like home. I believe musicians make their best music looking at a horizon, watching a sunrise so this is natural.


The lessons obviously have expanded tremendously, and pre-March were all in person, now they have had the opportunity to add, not take away from the online zoom world of lessons and it has been well received. The retail and rental business remain strong as well as the numbers reflect. They have a solid full staff of teachers that are contractually bound by 10 miles and 5 years.


The seller does teach some but is not a necessity. Keep in mind, this academy teaches a multitude of instruments not just one. This is a staple business that will continue for many, many years to come and the sellers would love to be able to come back from retirement, drop in and “jam in the garage” so to speak!

Give me a call, let us get a NDA signed and move you into the future of relaxation and enjoyment while profiting.

Detailed Information


  • Gross Sales: $429,162

  • Operating: $313,301

  • Net: $115,861

  • Average Inventory: $130,000

  • Monthly Rent: $2,200

  • Real Estate: Leased

  • Building SF: 4,000 + SF

  • Parking Spots: 2

  • Training: 80 Hours / 2 Weeks

  • Reason for Selling: Retiring

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