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1943, yep, 1943, worth saying a couple of times. This 76- year old family business deserves at least a second mention. This definitely is a family business that has sustained the robust and skinny times. As you can only imagine what this store has survived; opened before the end of WWII; has lived through  14 US Presidents; the invention of microwaves, tetrapak milk cartons, car seat belts, pozac, contact lenses and the list goes on. So you can only imagine the genius and creativity it has had to endure to sustain and be profitable for this long is almost unfathomable. And I as a broker, have to stand up and applaud such a rarity.

Don’t let the “family” business title confuse you, this business operates and performs financially like any

big business. They have been able to maintain a healthy, bottom line for years, even through the recession. As we all know many factors go into “getting it right”. One is knowledge and knowing what you are doing, two is being smart about it, three, creating a reliable and trustworthy brand and four, supply and demand-having what the consumer needs and wants. This business has gotten it right, year after year. I would consider them better than a trifecta.

This has been a difficult decision for the seller because of all the factors just mentioned, but there is still so much life left in this business. After the 2008 recession the seller didn’t ramp back up with the outside sales and this industry is hot for it again as an example of potential new growth areas. We have historical financials “tax returns” for 25 years back and they are and remain impressive but there is still room for probably at minimum double the growth rate with an outside sales person. The seller has 12 employees, some have been here for 35 and 40 years, the knowledge is deep.

This business is a pure gem and an opportunity that doesn’t come along very often. It can include the real estate of 3 plus acres as well. You will know if this is your kind of business, please be selective as we plan on helping the sellers be selective too. This was not a decision made lightly overnight, so the buyer must be a good fit as well.  If you have vision and respect for this type of business, lets sit down, sign and NDA and discuss the possibilities.

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Detailed Information


  • Gross Revenue: $2,816,593.00

  • Cash Flow: $197,385.00

  • Employees: 10 FT & 2 PT

  • 8 Structures/Buildings

  • Building Size: 31,677 SF

  • Lot Size: 3.88 Acres

  • Real Estate: Owned (For Sale)

  • Training: 1 Month

  • Reason for Selling: Owner is retiring.

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