Well Known Frozen Yogurt Shop Dynamic Location! Huge Price Drop!! 


Gig Harbor, WA

Business Description

The shop has been in the same high traffic location since it opened 9 years ago. This is a well-supported and marketable brand in a highly desirable neighborhood.

Currently, the sellers other job takes him out of town and traveling weeks out of the month, so he doesn’t have the time to devote to truly making this his own. He is a super guy and would love to see this business flourish, he has great ideas, but not enough hours in the day.


He has done a fantastic job reconnecting with the school programs and it has been well received. ​He has just chipped off a slight piece of this iceberg and has

created something that is well received by the community, he believes there is so much that can be explored and done.  

We believe an owner/operator would be most beneficial in this business. It has not had a local day to day “face” that regulars can say “this is my guy” for years and that I believe is a critical piece missing.

Detailed Information


  • Gross Revenue: $338,283

  • Inventory: $5,000

  • Employees: 5/6 PT 

  • Building Size: 1,607 SF

  • Monthly Rent: $5,800

  • Monthly NNN: $1,200

  • Lease Expiration: Year to Year

  • Seating: 20-30 people

  • Training: 2 weeks/80 hours

  • Reason for Selling: Seller is moving on to other business ventures.

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